This program in an 8 week, self-guided program that takes a holistic approach to ditching your sugar cravings for good, while addressing mind, body and spirit! 


Designed by Mindy Duff, a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, "Kiss Sugar Cravings Goodbye" was born from a method Mindy has used successfully not only with her clients, but with herself. Each week gives a new area to focus on, and builds upon the previous week. This gradual process makes the changes you're making sustainable and not overwhelming for those living a busy life. 


Kiss Sugar Cravings Goodbye uses a unique 3-phase method designed to support the body and restore balance in the gut (the source of most intense sugar cravings).


The phases are as follows:

Phase One: Prep

Phase Two: Cleanse

Phase Three: Reintroduction 


Inside this guide, you'll find:

  • Brief weekly lessons
  • Informative handouts
    • Pantry clean-out guide
    • Stress reduction tips
    • Meal plan template
  • Journal prompts (to address corresponding emotional issues)
  • Bonus section featuring:
    • 3-Phase Cookbook, full of (optional) recipes to guide you along each stage of the program
    • Supplement recommendation


More than just a "cleanse" - this program will transform how you feel inside and out!


**This program will come as a digital download. You will automatically receive a PDF that contains links to each section of the program for you to access at your convenience. **

Kiss Sugar Cravings Goodbye