December 18, 2019

The words “weight-loss” and “snacks” often appear in the same sentence. 

But that might also bring thoughts of "tasteless," "cardboard," and "completely unsatisfying." 


Let me give you my best weight-loss friendly snacks that aren't just nutritious but also delici...

December 4, 2019

Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” 

And while this may not be 100% true for every disease in every person, more and more research shows that our gut (digestive system) has a bigger role in many diseases than we used to think. And we're not just talking a...

November 27, 2019

Sometimes those holiday feasts are just amazing. 

And it's not just the abundance of delicious food but also the people, the decorations, and the ambiance. 

It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on those days. 

But it doesn't always stop there. 

Sometimes we overeat o...

November 20, 2019

Eating as mindfully as we might on vacation, for example, is not realistic for many of us, especially with work, busy families, physical routines, and all the other daily distractions. 

Here are seven simple ideas to help you establish more mindful eating habits, and pe...

November 6, 2019

You don’t have to be a health nut to know that soda isn’t good for you. But is it really all that bad? 

Is it ok to just have it once in a while? And if you’re going to have it, is it better to have the regular ol’ sugar-filled version or the zero calorie “diet” kind? 


October 30, 2019

If you’ve heard that red wine is one of the healthiest of all alcoholic beverages, it’s for good reason. 

Thanks to the antioxidants found in the skins of grapes from which it’s made, red wine has been widely publicized as being “healthful”. The kind of antioxidants fou...

October 16, 2019

In today’s world, we are constantly on the go, a steady state “busy-ness” is the norm, and we’re always running from one responsibility to the next - literally! So, it’s no wonder that physical fatigue is such a common complaint. 

The good news is that there are some re...

October 9, 2019

A little self-criticism is a normal shared human mental pattern, and can even be healthy for the most part. But, we can also just as easily open the door to that overly vocal “negative nelly” voice in our head. 

However, if your negative voice is preventing you from doi...

October 2, 2019

There may be something lurking within your gut, when and where you least expect it. 

You’re probably already in tune with keeping the large intestine healthy, balanced and well- populated with good bacteria (got probiotics?). 

But, what about the health of the small inte...

September 25, 2019

Hormones are like chemical messengers, and govern nearly every cellular action in our body.

While very important, our sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, are actually not essential for our survival.

They’re responsible for sexual functioning and fe...

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